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“Mysteriosa.” A lovely show. Imagine short stories of Edgar Allen Poe with curious spiritual magic. Ashton is such a charming performer, a great storyteller and a skilled magician.”

Duncan Wisbey, Edinburgh show review


‘Probably one of the best talks I have ever been to, well researched, well presented, well feminist’

Seven Hills Women's Institute Facebook Group, Members Post


'All our members have been in touch saying what a great time they had last night.....thank you. '

Michelle, Walkley Orchids Women's Institute


'The resident wizards kept us entertained with magic and wonder that would impress the likes of Professor McGonagall'

Looshie, Facebook review of a visit to the Steel Cauldron, where Ashton is Wizard in Residence


'I very much enjoyed your evening of magic and storytelling for the Rotary club. I had heard of your prowess with zoom performances from friends in Peterston WI so was eager to participate.'

Kay, Cardiff Bay Rotary Club Online Show


'A wonderful hour, one of our favourite shows of the Fringe this year. Ashton is a wonderful story teller, charming and magical. Absolutely recommend his show'

Emma Campion, Edinburgh show review


'Worth the hour - very imaginative storytelling and impressive magic!'

Haziq Rahmat,, Edinburgh show review


'Highly recommended. Very intriguing and interesting. Don't want to give anything away but definitely worth going to! One of the best fringe shows we saw this year.'

Lorraine White, Edinburgh show review



'Absolutely amazing show – no idea it would be that realistic! Very impressed and was very exciting! Thank you'

Cath, private party




'Enthralling and spooky, Ashton Carter provides an evening like no other. If you only see one show this year, you could do far, far worse than to trust the amazing Mr Ashton Carter'

Harlequin Blaze, private party



'Ashton has compered our annual show for Malmesbury Carnival on multiple occasions.  He really adds to the atmosphere, momentum and energy.  His performance not only seamlessly helps the other acts flow during the evening (successfully adjusting his timescales to any backstage needs that arise!) it is also hugely entertaining in its own right.  The audience is rapt.  I have seen Ashton perform acts ranging from spin chilling to hilarious, and also the very surreal.  He tailors what he does perfectly to those watching.  I would not hesitate to engage him again.'

Eleanor, in response to Ashton compering her shows 



'Thank you very much for your excellent presentation and superb magical performance. I really appreciate the passionate way you spoke to our delegates.'

Hans Hoornstra, Director, FORMEDIA, Private event, English and Dutch guests



'Definitely truthful to my current position at the moment, fantastic and wonderfully presented reading... a little less skeptical...'

Georgina, private Tarot reading



'Just dropping an email to say how much I enjoyed the show.

Thanks again for you performance, and I hope to book you again at some point in the future.'

Andrew, private party




'Came as a sceptic, left as a convert, excellent, mindboggling and fun'

David, public show




'Enthralling and exciting'

Jake, private party



'Thank you so much for providing so many of our guests with your readings . I was personally very impressed with my tarot reading and would love to have a full reading done very soon'

​Trace, following Tarot reading at her event




'I have had the pleasure of being invited to one of Ashton Carter’s Victorian close magic presentations. Both strange, intriguing and full of glorious illusionary magic, just like the man himself! By request at our 'Weekend at the Asylum' Steampunk show Mr Carter proceeded to saw an audience member in half to the ultimate delight of our fans and the band. Even more delightful he managed to put all the bits back together again meaning we had no difficult questions from the local constabulary.'

Lord Eibon Blackwood, lead vocalist for Eibon la Furies




'A really interesting and educational evening. Thank you'

Vickie, private party



To start planning your show call Ashton on

07549 167 622 or email




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