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Ashton Carter Magician and Storyteller
Picture of Ashton Carter Performing

Looking for an entertainer at your next party or function? Want something a little different from card tricks and sponge balls? Ashton Carter is the perfect performer for you...


Let Ashton bring you an evening filled with bizarre magic, mind reading and spooky storytelling, and make your event one your guests will remember for a very long time.




“Ashton is such a charming performer, a great storyteller and a skilled magician.”

Duncan Wisbey, (Actor, Dead Ringers, 4 in a Bed)

Ashton has been professionally entertaining audiences for over eleven years and following frequent requests for private shows it was a natural step to blend together his love of stage magic with his interest in the paranormal, the spooky and the downright weird to create these unique and personal events.


Mixing his time between performing and researching the paranormal, Ashton blends storytelling with magic and theatre to transport audiences into a world where strange things can happen.


Researching his own family tree he found several fascinating and peculiar ancestors who provide the backdrop for his performances. Influenced by the ghost stories and weird fiction of the early 20th century, 19th century séance and the supernatural; ancient objects show their secret powers, spirits and entities from other worlds make their presence felt and colourful members of Ashton's family tree show that things are not always as they seem.   


Ashton is based in the United Kingdom and a regular performer at private parties, storytelling events and theatre shows Ashton is a member of The British Society of Mystery Entertainers and Equity and very much looks forward to sending a shiver down your spine.


To arrange your personal consultation,
call 07549 167 622 or email




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