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Are you planning a party and are looking for a very special sort of entertainer?

Ashton currently has two party packages, either of which will mean your event is the talk of your friends for a long time to come.

Both are perfect for:

Hen and Stag Parties
Baby Showers
Corporate Functions


Have you ever wanted to go to a real school for wizards and magic?  Let Professor Carter bring his dark arts and magical creatures to your party.  Dress  up as your favorite wizard, witch or magical creature and enjoy an interactive and immersive party. 


Starting off with potion making, we will mix some fun, colourful and tasty potions.  Then it's time to see how magical we all are with a series of fun tests designed to find the areas of magic you would be most suitable for.  Dark arts are next as we learn about some of the strange and magical creatures we may meet, and how to stay safe.  If we are lucky we may meet faeries, goblins and perhaps a ghost.  The event ends with a lesson in divination where we can explore palm or tarot reading.

This party is perfect for fans of wizards and magic who want to experience a magical school and is suitable for both adult and teenagers


Is it possible to know the future or what someone is thinking? Can the Spirits speak beyond the veil? book this party package and we can find out.


We will begin by testing our own intuition and psychic abilities through a series of interactive experiments and tests.  Then we will attempt to contact the Spirit world (in a fun, theatrical and safe way).  The party can end here or we can continue with private tarot or palm readings. 

This party is perfect for both a relaxed afternoon with friends allowing you to host a get together (we can leave out the Seance), and catch up on the gossip, while enjoying the activities and receiving your own readings or a evening of spooky fun when we include the Seance.

Both party packages can be tailored to your event and Ashton would be delighted to discuss options with you

To start planning your show call Ashton on

07549 167 622 or email




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