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Ashton has a growing number of illustrated lectures and talks available, suitable for ladies groups, social societies and events. His current lectures include:


The Medium, The Magician and the Con Artist, Women Who Made Magic:

It’s my favourite talk to give and centers on the amazing ladies who helped shape modern stage magic. Many of these women do not get the recognition they deserve and this talk is a celebration of their stories and perfect for Women's Institutes, Friends Groups, Schools and Guiding Groups

Séance: A whistle stop tour of the history of séance and mediumship, highlighting some of the colourful characters that have left their mark on these fascinating subjects


Both lectures last around 1 hour (but can be reasonably adjusted to your event) and are suitable for most venues,.


‘Cracking talk from magician Ashton Carter last night! We learnt about how women have shaped the history of magic, and were treated to some mind bending tricks too!’  

Seven Hills Women's Institute


To start planning your show call Ashton on

07549 167 622 or email




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