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Edinburgh Fringe: Audience Reviews & Reactions Are In

Ashton performing to a full house
Audience Photo During The Show

I am halfway through my 20 date run at the Edinburgh Fringe with my ‘Mysteriosa’ show. I am in a great venue in the Basement Lounge of The Street, bar, eatery and venue. It’s perfect for my bizarre magic show. The two ladies who run The Street have been amazing and their staff really helpful as we go through the daily setup,performance and take down of our shows.

I have had the pleasure to perform to lots of lovely people, across all age ranges and nationalities, and they have been generous in both their donations and their feedback and reviews. The following comments have been publicly made about the show and it’s clear people are very much enjoying the opportunity to sit at my fireside and hear strange stories about my family.

'“Mysteriosa.” A lovely show. Imagine short stories of Edgar Allen Poe with curious spiritual magic. Ashton is such a charming performer, a great storyteller and a skilled magician. I even won a certificate for predicting a secret code! 2.45 at ‘Street’ on Picardy Place.'

Duncan Wisbey (Actor: 4 in a Bed, Dead Ringers)

Via Twitter @hubabakanda

‘Highly recommended. Very intriguing and interesting. Don't want to give anything away but definitely worth going to! One of the best fringe shows we saw this year.’

Lorraine White

Fringe Website - Audience Review

‘This is really a very clever show and a must see! Ashton draws you into his world of nostalgic mystery and magic from the off. I would highly recommend this show if you like storytelling, mystery or magic and if you like all three well need I say any more’

Shelagh McKay Jones

Via Facebook

- Audience Review

‘Worth the hour - very imaginative storytelling and impressive magic!’

Haziq Rahmat

Fringe Website - Audience Review

‘Excellent story telling and some truly mystical magic. It is like experiencing ghost stories whilst sat at the fireplace of a haunted house. A must see if you like magic set within a theatrical context.’

Careena Fenton

Fringe Website - Audience Review

I am performing daily with the last show on Saturday 24th of August (but not the 17th) so there is plenty of time to come down and experience the show. I can also be found performing in Cabaret shows around the city and on the street during the day. If you see me come over and say hello.





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