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Father Christmas Visits Now Booking

Advent has begun and the countdown to Christmas has started. Soon the trees will be up, decorations shining into the night and stockings hung in anticipation of a visit from Father Christmas.

In the run up to the big day it’s important for Santa to get the present lists from all the children and to reassure them that he has had his vaccine booster and has powerfull ‘Santa-bodies’ keeping him fit and healthy.

But this is a huge job, even for a being as magical as himself, so each year he hand picks a few stunt doubles to help, and again this year I am delighted to have been chosen as one of his official helpers.

I am pleased to again be offering personal visits from Santa throughout December. These can be either in person at your own home for a doorstep visit or online direct from Santa’s secret grotto base near the North Pole.

‘Thank you so much, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing you and ‘Mum’ said that was the best way as the other Father Christmas' they have seen ‘in the flesh’ all look fake

but you looked like the real thing.’ Elizabeth, Online Santa Visit.

Each visit can be tailored to your needs but can include asking the children about how their year has been, collecting their present lists, a little bit of Santa based magic and giving them a pre arranged gift.

My Santa believes in traditional family values, love, friendship, gratitude and having fun with both the children and the adults (who are just slightly older children in Father Christmas’ eyes).

The door step visits are available within a 10 mile radius of Sheffield, South Yorkshire and online visits via ‘the Zooms’ for anyone worldwide, time-zone dependant.

The online visits are perfect if you don’t want to queue in the cold to see Santa in a shopping centre or if your children find crowds challenging or have accessibility needs. They also allow multiple members of the family join the visit, such as Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles who would normally not be able to join you on your grotto visit. Prices for the online visits begin at £10 for the first child and increase by £5 for each additional child up to a maximum of 5 (for more than 5 please get in touch to discuss options) and last up to 20 minutes. Door step visits start at £75 and increase by £5 for each additional child and last up to 20 minutes.

Ashton is one of the UK’s leading Santa Stunt Doubles and regularly receives feedback saying he is the best Santa a family has ever visited. He is an experienced magician and storyteller and works with children and families throughout the year. He also has experience of working with children with exceptional needs.

'Best Santa ever!', feedback from Grotto Manager 2019 based on visitor feedback recieved

To enquire about booking a doorstep, online visit or ask any questions please email me directly on or use the contact form and my elves will try to get back to you within 24 hours.





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