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Lock Down Family Magic Shows

We are living in interesting times and all doing our bit to help overcome Covid-19. I appreciate how hard this can be when you have young children confined to the house with limited outside time and the challenges of being expected to home school when you have forgotten what a subordinating conjunction is or how you divide fractions!

With this in mind I am now offering a version of my family friendly magic show, specially designed to meet the social distancing criteria to help keep us all safe.

Using your front door as my proscenium arch I will bring my show to your house (actually, to within 2 meters of it). With the family sitting safely inside, I will perform a special version of my family magic show outside.

Lasting around 50 minutes we will enjoy some wonderful magic suitable for children aged 4 to 10 (and young at heart adults) and at no point will we break social distancing rules.

For teenagers I can offer a magic workshop, teaching several excellent tricks they will be able to perform and enjoy. All materials provided as part of the package. This can also be booked as a web based Skype session where the materials are posted to you ahead of the workshop.

Due to the extraordinary times and the weird nature of this new show I am offering it at a very special price for shows until the end of June. Bookings can be made for mornings or afternoons within a 10 mile radius of Sheffield.

To find out more please email me at with your location, preferred date and time for the show and a contact phone number and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.

I am looking forward to bringing a little magic to your lock down.





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