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Inside your unique bottle is a captured spirit of a long dead sailor, sealed in the bottle through strange magicks of sea witches on the coast of stygian Hyperborea. Make the spirit move the stone in response to your questions, it's location or even other objects.


A truly wonderful effect for use in your séance or mentalism show as well as being an interesting and attractive curious object for your home. It’s a guaranteed talking point and a brilliant way to introduce other effects or as a conversation starter.

“I’ve had one of Ashton’s bottles for quite a few years now. It sits on my living room window sill and never stops moving. This is real magic and a great focus when people come round. I just need to work out how to get it producing power and the World’s energy crisis will be solved. Fantastic prop; totally no explanation.” Jim Critchlow

Supplied beautifully boxed with comprehensive instructions, with a complete routine based on H. P. Lovecraft’s The Terrible Old Man story. Plus accessories to setup your performance space or home so the bottle will move in strange ways in multiple locations, a gimmick to wear to make the spirit respond directly to you, a certificate of authenticity, and further ideas and suggestions.


Each bottle is unique and hand made to order by Ashton and may take up to three weeks from ordering for it to be posted. When ordered we will be in touch to discuss delivery dates and name options to make your bottle perfect for your presentations.


This is a quality hand-crafted prop you will be proud to own.


NOTE: This is a stage magic prop and does not contain the actual spirit of a sailor

Ashton Carter's Haunted Bottle





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