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Crematorium Soil

Ashton Carter’s Crematorium Soil lets your participant use a very special pendulum full of ‘crematorium soil’ to gain access to the collective wisdom of hundreds of Spirits. This is classic and accessible Bizarre Magic.


Let you spectator use the pendulum with the specially produced memorial cards to find the person who is not linked to the other four. This is a great variation on the traditional 'living and dead' tests, where the audience member is not being asked to think of a deceased person. Meaning you don't run the risk of causing upset. Each of the five characters included has a tale to tell, let the pendulum and the spectator discover the truth.

Includes a set of funeral memorial prayer cards, delightful ephemera to support your stories and the main effect which is a variation of a classic ‘living and dead’ test. Comes with full instructions, along with Ashton’s thoughts on using this very spooky prop to enhance your Tarot readings, and in mentalism performances and your Q&A.


No sleight of hand needed.

Crematorium Soil





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