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The Baffling Blocks (With Alan Wong)

Discover the joy of the Baffling Blocks


Three small blocks are passed to your audience, within seconds they are experiencing a strange and impossible feeling.


Each set of blocks includes a link to a special ebook version of Ashton's book, 'The Magicians Guide To The Baffling Blocks'. It includes ten full routines and five variations, with Ashton Carter’s full street show script, handlings that will get you free drinks at a bar, child-friendly proofs of faeries and how to use the Blocks in a seance and mentalism.


The Baffling Blocks pack small and play big and Ashton Carter has taken this simple effect and turned it into wonder filled performances. For the first time he has collected his routines into one book along with contributions from other performers who have also realised the power of the blocks.


* Discover this wonderful illusion

* Learn 10 routines and several variations
* Explore the science behind the effect
* Includes an essay on reframing magic for different audiences
* Easily recoup the cost of the book by performing the Blocks


The last word on the Baffling Blocks! I’ve seen Ashton using his handling of the Baffling Blocks and was honestly gobsmacked at the amount of people queuing up to try them for themselves.” Steve Brownley


It’s Devilry” Nik Taylor

The Baffling Blocks (With Alan Wong)





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